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March 10, 2009


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Charles Forchu


This is GREAT archived news. I do applaude your effort in surfacing this today. To me, it is history all over. Thanks

Oliver Asaah

Great job Dibussi. Some day, some how, we shall change Cameroon, our beloved country.
Personal development is the torch-bearer.


wusai di video dey? I beg upload-am quick quick


Let God bless you to continue to your Good work

The SouthWesterner

great post mola. 2009 black weblog award is on the way, u deserve to be the best blog winner hopefully this time around.


That visit, according to Mary Wilroy and Lucie Prinz in "Inside Blair House," carried some of the characteristics of what has ruined the Cameroon society today: Disorganization. Ahmadu Ahidjo was scheduled to arrive on Monday, March 12, 1962 but just before lunch on Sunday, Mary Wilroy, who was in charge of the Blair House where Ahmadu Ahidjo was scheduled to stay, was called and informed that he would be arriving that evening for dinner. The staff at Blair House was quickly alerted, and dinner planned and cooked by three-fifteen. However, by six-fifteen the State Department visit officer, with news from the Cameroon delegation, called apologetically from New York to say that the Cameroon delegation would be arriving on Monday after all.

Ambe Johnson

Still waiting for the video

Pa-Teh Asongwe

Mr. Dibussi,
Kudos to you for this great job. The one million Dollar question after reading your article captioned here above is this: who is the next Cameroonian to pair up now with Obama in a similar manner like Kennedy and Ahidjo then? Can we Cameroonians afford to let Mr. Biya stand besides Obama in this era? Will such a pairing not be abominable conidering that the two personalities are incompatible from every aspect of the word? I have no doubt that there are a couple of Cameroonians that are better suited to be there; and I know one that is more befitting among them. I see him not only bringing the much needed unity but also prosperity that Cameroon has been deprived of for so long under the incumbent regime.. He has an expert knowledge of world politics and democratic governance.He is well rooted in Cameroon through his non-profit organization's activities. He is a political science professor in Universities in US. His team has worked for and is still working for democratic changes in South Africa, Liberia, Nigeria and very recently Ghana that experienced a smooth power transition just to name a few. In 1992, we as a country worked for a smooth democratic change in Cameroon but the party in power then did not let this happen. We missed our chance then. He is a blue print of a bilingual Cameroonian. That is the type of leader I believe all Cameroonians now need and want in this era. He is the young and appropriate candidate that fits the generation of Obama and Sarkozy in France. Whoever has an open mind and ear must have followed his excellent interviews with RFI, BBC, CRTV and written press like the Post and Eden newspaper in Cameroon. Many of us know him. I am suggesting that you folks of the media make him known to the Cameroonian public. Cameroonians should start getting ready for the change before Mr. Biya takes us by surprise through early elections and his CPDM fraud machinery. I suggest further that even if our candidate for change does not like the idea of leading Cameroon, we should employ the cultural style of making kings; i.e by catching him and putting him on that throne because he is fit and deserves to be there. He is our leader for the change that is this century's calling. More than other nations, Cameroon needs this change and unity. We cannot afford to let Mr. Biya stand besides Obama as the leader of Cameroon in this century. Biya's time has expired and he should leave the place for the young generation.
Pa-Teh Asongwe


Pa-Teh Asongwe,

why do'nt you go ahead and just mention that name? Not so many of us know him-please I'll be gratefull should you do that. Ok, ok send it to [email protected]


See you at the TOP!

Edmund Njoh

"The most captivative from this sit"
You make us proud and happy.
"If he only knew"
How I wish he live in this modern world of ours and studies in my Political Science Dept with Tallent from Pa Wang,Dr Tany V,Dr Assibong.
He would hav left a durable tar mark with no undulating slops as present.
Officailly visiting just for 2days but Dictators stay in france 4 over 2 weeks.........
Your tallent dought not so precious but powerful."No personalisation of Power"with rigared 2 French Cameroon.
Your spirit should inform the succss that the Young Political Scientist also need power.
The old should not be disgrasses and died in power like Bongo for their spirits shall not lay baside their ancestors.
Just as the predicessor.

Dibbussi kudos,Amigo


Well, we all pray for change; not only Biya, but his machinery of fraud.Payers must go with action.Each person should fight for the change at his/her level. Resist bribery/tips.

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