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July 02, 2009


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Posted on Camnet

Accepting a prime ministerial position in Cameroon is an exercise in anxiety, which may not be worth a bucket of warm spit. You live in perpetual fear of the inevitable and the palpitation is heightened because the end can be anytime and for no reason. Young people should do it for the adrenaline rush, the fun and adventures. But I don't know how somebody in his or her sixties and above would want to submerge his or her dignity under the psychedelic pleasures of the president.

Every few years, an old man goes through the tortured ritual of being sacked as PM as the president becomes bored, restless, paranoid or futuristic, depending on which mallam you ask. What actually goes on in the head of the new PM - the next day after his appointment, the spectacle of primitive exuberance by elites and villagers alike paying pilgrimage homage to the homes of the newly minted PM and others shaking anatomies at various stages of inebriation, thanking God for Biya, is a combination phenomenon for psychologists and anthropologists to study. You bring in a hypnotist if the PM thinks merit is necessary for staying power.

The ministerial slew has few safe bets but it is no better. I have wondered about these things. But, somehow, I am amused by the spontaneous joy Biya brings to the villagers who have been remembered by the appointment of their son. A tragic unawareness.

Ma Mary

Ms Joe sometimes you are Maureen Dowd, at other times Camille Paglia and at best yourself. In any case, every time you are always a jolly good read. Do you have your own blog? Why not ask Dibussi to set you up.
It is not worth accepting ANY post in the Cameroon government because they appoint you by radio and sack you by radio. It is all an exercise in humiliation and trepidation, designed to control and to turn all people into maggots.
It appears people appointed to the position hedge their bets by raking up as much loot as possible, because there is not such thing as honor when you are finally canned and flushed.

Wonja Elive

Well, I rather see it differently.

In the first place I think it wrong to call him a Prime Minister, and then say he is powerless. To me it is almost a "constitutional misnomer", whatever this means. Rather he is a Vice President. Cameroon has NEVER a Prime Minister.

Mola Mboa

Except the Prime Minister of West Cameroon and the Premier of Southern Cameroons.

Dango tumma

every thing about cameroun is fake,
their independence day 01/01/1960 is never honored, yet they celebrate may 20th as national day, they say their country was colonized by germany, false, it was colonized by the french, they say southern cameroons is a part of their country, false, southern cameroons is another country who had hers own independence from UK 10/01/1961. the germans had no colonies but territories
and kamerun was made up of five diffrent
states all are independent countries today.CAMEROUN call the plescite union
as re-unification, false infact its unification, since both countries were never one in history. They call victoria LIMBE , false the right name is victoria , the citizens of this town never held a council vote to change the name of the belove town. ahijo did that by just a radio annoncement. north west, and south west
are what cameroun called its provinces
false, these citizens never held any vote to change the name of their country from southern cameroons to north west and south west provinces, the again cameroun swithch again 2009 to region, and soo on
you can see the lies and eveil in this african despotic republic. some one have to stop them by force and stop them now, because they are getting away with murder and eveil simply because the have a military .

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