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January 01, 2010


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Dibussi, thanks once more for unearthing archival material that places the independence of the French Cameroons in its appropriate historical context. It is quite amazing that as Cameroon celebrates this historic day, no attempt has been made to revisit the socio-political climate at the time, and to see how far the country has come since then. Apparently, we are still running away from our own history... Thanks once again and hope to see more of you in 2010!


Mass murderer ahidjo smiling with his master.

dango  tumma

thats the satan who ilegally occupied southern cameroons, in 1961. with his military. some thing southern cameroonians
never voted for. he even divide
southern cameroons into two halves and call it south west and norh west. of not southern camerooons another country> but of his own country,cameroun, you can see the annexationist instincts and motives of this evil man. he change the name victoria to limbe to erase our identity,
moved our education department from buea to yaounde and frenchify it, close t all our airports and sea port, boxed us and enslave us. history is only good to those who know the value of its facts. and how its directly affects their lifes today, some thing also we can make tomorrow history by correcting the eveils of the history by pressing for an independent southern cameroons,

Va Boy

Who are the other vampires sorry, big men?


Facter, you are one of the people who are trying to send that beautyfull country called cameroon in the pit,Ahidjo is not the one who devided africa or drew the borders of cameroons ,you peaple always blame french speaking cameroonians accusing them falsly of all your problems but its a lie!because under this regime of biya all camerounians are soffering and if you don't know the history of your country shut your mouth and learn!when ahidjo was president there were many anglophone cameroonnians representing aglofones in his goverment example(Jhon Ngu Foncha)and many more. you peaple are just confused and mislead by your cultures you are fighting a lost battle,because officially where cameroon is and the borders of cameroon were not drawn by cameroonians it was all donne by white colonials,befor whites peaple got to africa there were no "ambazonia" or even names for countrys,they are the ones who trace borders and devided africa,you anglo dont event think, if you thought befor you acted you wouldnt even come up that stupid idea of trying to devide cameroon you can do better and developpe your part of cameroon
,but trying to devide a country that has been set since colonial days its not only a big crime becoz we don't need to shed anymore blood for something that dosent matter anymore but its a big stupidity ,cameroonians should be proud and glad that its the only country in africa and the second country in the world that speak French and English!but stupid anglophones don't see that or even respect it,they envie nigeria,forgetting that the only way to get away from what you don't like about french speaking cameroonians is to leave cameroon for a different country ,becoz cameroon will never split again cameroonians lost and massiv part of their country to many other countrys,(nigeria,gabon,central africa rep etc....) and they lost becoz they couldnt do anything to stop the white men from deviding ,but you "ambazonians" i don't really understand you,what is your fight for? if you dont like what paul biya is doing like most cameoonians don't,try and find a way to get rid of him becoz he is the cause of the suffering that most cameroonians go through,you've already made your flag,you even planing to make your own "ambazonians" money do you think or know where that madness could lead you??? beleiv me it will never happen cameroon will never be split again and even if the rest of cameroonians agree to do what you want(devide) cameroon and they won't ,you anglophones will regret it badly when it will be late do you peaple think they make a country like a chicken farm? instead of wasting your time fighting a useless nans sensless battle buil your areas in cameroon and you facter say:( he change the name victoria to limbe to erase our identity,) you must be so stupid !!!is your identity victoria????victoria is a brithish name of the same peaple who trace the borders of cameroon(white peaple)i don't if you are bamenda or bakweri but what if know is that you and all thoses who support your ideas need some real education,while the world is trying to unite you stupid fools and trying to devide SHAME ON YOU !!! BIG FOOLS!!!!!


Moufff. Please, please, please! Use a spell checker or an editor.

You have no idea what you are talking about. What kind of education are you kids getting? You are also grossly uninformed.

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