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February 03, 2010


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Welcome back and thanks for another illuminating piece; never heard of sovereignty expenditures before...

Va Boy

Their presidency budget is outsized for the same reason that they do not elect their governors (they just appointed a new crop today). They want to micromanage everything. They want their greedy finger in every pie. They fear separation of powers. They fear decentralization.

Son of the Soil.

Obama's discreationary White House budget is fatter than all the ministries put together. What is the big deal with our(Cameroon's) budget?

We rule Cameroon our own way.Those who don't like it could stay in self exile in the West and do valet parking et al.


Sovereign expenditures and discretionary budgets are two separate things. Biya, along with government ministers and diretor generals of public corporations in Cameroon also have discretionary budgets. That is not what this article is about

Nyenti Abang

Son of the soil,

So if Obama jumps into the lake, the president of cameroon must follow him? Why don't you specify that discretionary spending in the US is closely monitored and that government officials have gone to jail for (mis)using this money?

Can Obama just wake up one morning and decide on a whim that he wants to buy a new aircraft without congressional approval? If you follow US politics, then you should be aware that pressure from Congress last year forced the president to suspend the purchase of new presidential helicopters ("Marine One") because "Such a display of conspicuous spending would clearly be awkward for Obama at a time of economic crisis..."

Who vetted the purchase of Biya's Albatross? Who was there to ensure that the procurement process did not go out of hand and become a cash cow for rapacious elite? No one!

Comparisons are OK, but let us cease to use them only to justify our backwardness. There are many positive things that Cameroon can copy from the US but not in this domain.


Why does he even have to change his name if he thinks the things he says about his Cameroon. Let take courage and continue to identify himself as an online Cpdm bully entrepreneur.


The truth is that we inherited a bad parliamantary system from France and then went on to furhter twist it to fit our own very personal means.
Most of your arguements are quite balance Dibussi, but the system of administration be it in France( correct me if am wrong) or in the Francophonie does not require the president to seek parliamentary approval is no precondition for the validity of certain presidential expenditures.
This ofcourse is not the same in the commonweath.


Toivi, valid point but the French government still has checks and balances in it's archaic system.
Son of soil, Who is "OUR"? If you had thought through before briefing, you would have never added "OUR" in your brief.
I guess Cameroon refers to you and your kids, I hope you hang around long enough to see that Cameroon that you created for them.
When I was in secondary school my principal used to say "As you make your bed so shall you lay on it." I thought he meant my bed wasn't made up in the dormitory.
We all are sons of the soil, thats were we will all end up, so while your here do something noble and have a purposeful life.

dango  tumma

we never inherited any thing from france.
if we did inherited any thing is from GREAT BTITAIN,where is your knowledge
of southern cameroons history or still unable to differentiate southern cameroons and cameroun as a french colony?


We might have inherited the French style of government, which, some how was imposed on us, but after four decades....we still don`t see the need to walk away from it? or to change it? Simply, there is a complete absence of DEVELOPMENT WILL in the system.

132 kilo meters of road for an ENTIRE nation? Well, this is how we manage our own country a some has said above. Showing a hopeless infrastructure even in the next 100 years with Biya n power.

Somebody dares to compare Obama`s budget situation to Biya`s? And you say like Biya does, Obama will spend tax payers $840.000 for a three weeks holiday in another country?

I certainly do not have the best knowledge about American politics, but for sure, I know the president is subject to justification of his expenses before and after.

Innocent N Mancho

Congratulations again Dibussi for this wonderful piece. I wonder how many of our (dis)honorable MPs(mammocked paracites)read thought provoking publications like yours.

I hope some newspapers in Cameroon, whether french or english can muster the courage to re-publish some of your write ups for their readers. Can you come up with a ralling cry for Cameroonians fighting for change in the next elections? somethoing that can rouse people up into action.

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