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March 23, 2010


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With all due respect author, the many street killings in the USA is not supported by the government. You cannot sell your novel by trying to put to question the personal freedoms and liberty enjoyed by people in the USA. Trying to defend Biya's record can only earn you a basic salary in that dungeon called La republic. Stay in France, and enjoy Paris, but never try to lecture us in the USA about what death sentence means and what human rights mean.


Miano, i want to thank you immensely for speaking out and i hope this message has been sent to University of Nebraska press executives. This is an attempt by such unschooled idiots (as the Foreword writer) to continually misrepresent not only Africa but its writers. How could such gross and callous misconceptions of Africa and even the work of art and history find its way in the introductory words of a book? The foreword writer and possibly her publisher erroneously think that people are still enthusiastic with the falsehood told about Africa and its people.
UN Press is not serious. What stopped them from getting an African (even Cameroonian) to write the forward so that things can be put straight?

Adamu MOBonjo


Having been born in 1973 in Douala, you are advised to acquaint yourself with the proper history of your country, La Republique Du Cameroun, (LRC),and you would discover that the statement made in the foreward of your book by UN has a lot of truth to it. From the massacre of the Bamilekes to the disappearance of the Dipanda 9 and several other extra judicial executions perpetrated by both the Ahidjo & Biya regimes of innocent civilians during peacefull demonstratins and otherv non-violent activities in your country and the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia)can hardly be compared to non-government sanctioned and criminal activity in the United States of America. Please do your homework before attempting to point an accusing finger at the USA. The UN athorities know your country much better than you.


Is it just my browser or has Nebraska University Press taken down the book from their site? Check out the book link at the beginning of this article....


Sorry false alarm; book still on the site but with a different URL. the correct url is: http://www.nebraskapress.unl.edu/product/Dark-Heart-of-the-Night,674190.aspx

Please Dibussi update.

Mukefor Dennis Besong Tambe

"It resembles Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and voluntarily sends wrong messages. But all right. The contract had been signed, and UN Press could use a title betraying my work without me having a say in this."

Are we seeing the same naivety that black Africa suffers from everyday? How in the world did she sign away the right to approve the title of her novel? For God's sake, are there no lawyers in America to have assisted her in the contract with University of Nebraska? This is the same level of naivety that has bedeviled contractual relations between astute Western peoples and the perpetually unenlightened of this world.


You knew all these things why did you ask them to publish your book. You would have simply taken it to your "respecter" of human rights and "secured" Cameroon to be published. Stop behaving as a child. Who cares about your lecture.

Hilarious Obiechinna

Words like "unenlightened" are powerful racist code words. They should be retired with other good old chap code words such as "savage" and "natives" and "tribes".

Louis Egbe Mbua

I am not sure what this is all about as one has not read Miano's book. However, Miano has to be careful next time with selling her copyright. Some copyright clauses hand over the entire rights to the publisher who may use the material as they see fit. If that was what Miano signed for, then I'm afraid she has very little to argue about, legally, apart from challenging the contents of the translation in public.

Furthermore, translations can be subjective: I remember Mungo Beti's Mission Termine in French being translated as Mission to Kala in English. So, Miano might have written in coded proverbial French. But the translator of her book might have translated it in real terms as he/she may have thought reflected the actual contents of the book; and Miano's intentions. Now, one important question is this: Why did Miano not draft the service of the University of Buea School of Translation to translate her book? The only problem here is that she had already sold her copyright.

Mishe Fon

Writing a book is no easy task. I must commend Ms Miano for her literary work. She claims this is her third Novel which means, she is no JJC in contractual negotiations. Let her simply give us a freaking break. She sold her rights to the Book Deal, pocketted her monies and was enjoying LIFE in Paris. All of a sudden, she springs back into action with a bogus claim that makes no sense except this might be a stratagem with the publishers to generate "Controversy" that could make more people "Rush to find out what,s going on and eventually Buy the Book". Who knows?. I smell a Rat. I am sorry Ms Miano but I don,t buy your Mea Culpa. kudos for your Novel though.


Miano is making a good point but her style may be tainted by Franco-africanism, which includes the warped view that Paris is the center of civilization.

She needs to understand that in the Anglo-Saxon world, we criticize and learn from criticisms without going personal against anyone let alone a country. There is no need to criticize the USA because of one author - this approach questions her intellectual maturity.



Everybody makes good points, and perhaps Ms Miano was foolish in leaving her interactions with her American publisher to chance and goodwill, but I admire her spunk. Never let go a good chance to make some noise and start a discussion or a quarrel. That is what intellectuals used to do, and it was a damn good tradition. Now they just want to comply and get some freaking appointment with some juicy grants, 6 figure salary and plenty of benefits. That is so mercenary. Ms Miano, I suggest that you keep writing and making people uncomfortable. First thing I suggest is to get rid of that francophone conditioning and point your intellectual guns at la France herself. Be like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. That chick is like intellectual viagra. I am sure she sells 100x as many books as you.

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