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March 01, 2010


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Son of the Soil aka Minneapolis Man.

There are many CPDM members who shall take the relay from Mr. Biya. Frank is one of them.


It's for that reason, Frank Biya is enrolled at the faculte du Science Jurisdique at the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The political quagmire and the "Bongo syndrome" seems apparent as far as power transition is concerned in Cameroon. ("Post Mbi Mvondo" regime)

The Entrepreneur

....But this is where a plus goes to Mr Biya and Cameroon...that there is no designated successor...even the son of a peasant could tommorrow be the next President whenever the biological clock of the incumbent ticks to a halt...

...In other words: in Cameroon it is an open field, even a hunter within the 'CPDM' could be the next president....and thats a plus. You can't say so for Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, South Africa, Kenya, Gabon, etc..where powerful elites have held the lines of succession hostage...See the number of sons and daughters of peasants now recuperating in Kondengui after their 5 minutes of fame as Ministers but the culture of poverty would push them into greedy pilferers and corrupters...

Your hypothesis may only hold true, if and only if, the situation in Cameroon degenerates in the contest for power the new power block from centre-south feels cheated....especially in unfair elections; then they may use their power base in the army to upset a possible smooth transition....

It just seems Mr Biya is a perpetual student of politics and its science... and he has some tricks up his sleeve that would only be unleashed 2 years from now (post 2011 plus 1). Lets wait and see. And more grease to that biological clock as it ticks loud and clear...


It is a pity that the VERY BAD Examples are being copied.
If it worked in Gabon and else where is no guarantee that it will work in cameroon. Especially that it is against the will of the people.
I will personally advice Mr President to end his carrier in a big style by taking the example of Mandela.
Organise free and faire elections and pray to God to give your inspiration on how to go about it.
ameroonian people just like many african people be it in gabon ,zimbabwe you can continue the list are endouring life and keep endouring. It still does not sound to African leaders that enough is enough.

It is better to put things in order before things go off your hand.
I strongly believe in change. You have proven to be an obstacle to change. I am very sure you can not twist the truth forever.

hange is at the corner. It is wise for you to aline to change before it takes you unaware.
You believe and think you have everything in control to do it in your own way.

There is a better way. That you are not interested. You have despised God. Since you have refused to listen to our voices, you give us no chance nor consideration, we give glory to God for the kind way you are treating us your subjects. We commend your deeds good or bad into the hands of the lord. May the lord pay you according to your works.
may God use thesame standard you use on us to deal with you.

Mbuli Rene

Interesting article , full of insight. Kudos for the good analysis Mr Dibussi. If our analysis have both pointed fingers to a possible crisis before and/or after 2011, then the Etoudi despot must be ready to effect a 360 degrees positive and affirmative action for change or face the full measures of justice cos we will prefer to have him alive when shit hits the fans.

Time Boy

Hi Dibussi,
Your analyis is quite interesting, but there is a missing element which is the difference in levels of socio-political awareness between Gabonese and Cameroonian populations. Unlike their Gabonese counterparts, Cameroonians have witnessed a series socio-economic and political upheavals which have to a larg extend galvanised the people and heightened awareness on politica issues even at the grassroot level. Any attempt by the present regime to copy the nonsense going on at our backyard would not only by politically untenable but will be met with a backlash by the population. Biya himself is not unware of this and I bet you he won't contemplate it.

Thanks for the insightful thoughts. Your analysis is quite enlightening.
By the way, is there any means of supporting your work by way of donations? I'll be obliged.

Time Boy.


...i think for someone to make the remark that Frank Biya is a capable CPDM member, able to succeed his father is very irresponsible. This speaks volumes about u, your level education, your thought process, and to some degree your sexul orientation.
This has nothing to do with homophobia, but just theories put forth by psychologist on why people choose to be gay.


Togo. That is where this king of dynastic transition started from Eyadema to Eyadema II. Will there be a Biya II?

Before critiquing Dibussi's analysis, it is worth waiting for the other two points that he is going to make.

Sarkozy said he was going to end Francafrique. What he meant was that it was time for francafrique 2.0 or second generation.

Nsom Joseph

The way things have been coined in Cameroon by the CPDM regime makes me to agree with your analysis. But if BIYA is nursing such intentions, then I am sorry. They can never materialise in Cameroon.

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