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April 11, 2010


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What exactly is a "native-born African-American"?

An African-American is a person of African-American heritage. Plain and simple. I'm not sure of where the confusion lies for anyone.

I am an African-American, married to a Cameroonian. I, like most other African-Americans, am a mixture of African, Caucasian (this is a testy issue for many of us), and East Asian/Native American ancestry. My husband is Cameroonian. He is of African ancestry. We do not share the same heritage, though we occupy different branches of the same tree that is "Africa".

Americans (particularly White Americans) use the term "African American" as a means to simplify a complex and diverse global people (they also use it as a marketing term). It's offensive. It's done because they don't wish to take the time to get to know the diversity and intricacies of the African diaspora...so they prefer to lump "you all" in one group. However, this is ignorant and bigoted behavior.

There is no "native-born African-American". You're either African-American or you're not. Plain and simple. My husband is Cameroonian-American. He doesn't "buy into" my heritage/identity, simply by way of a passport/American citizenship. Shrimp Etouffee, Seminoles, Trail of Tears, Missippi Chinese, Gumbo (our version), Charlie Parker, and Gullah mean nothing to him. Because it is not a part of his identity, nor is it a part of his heritage.

However, those things mean something very significant to us because they are what make up our identity and heritage as African-Americans. That is who we are.

It's disheartening that we're so permissive of the outright refusal to recognize Africa and its diaspora as a diverse array of nations and people with specific identities.

Raymond Ladebo


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