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September 03, 2010


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Makosso for Ever!

Ah! Black Styl a Paris!!! The greatest album ever. I remember how everyone wanted to go to Paris after this album!!! That's Emil Kangue on the far right and Nkotti Francois in all white at the center. I can't believe that Nkotti is now 4 times that size!!!

Vive Les Black Styl!!!!!

Dolf Motz

Thank you for your positive review of my blog "Makossa Original".

By the way, I have good news for "Makossa for ever". I am planning a new post next week about the Black Styls album "Cameroun dance with BS" on the Disc Cousin label.


Dolf Motz (Makossa Original)


The frenetic zaikos from the late 1980s on, not only displaced Makossa but decimated the classic soukous. There are Congolese acts even today, trying to revive the older, deeper soukous. I hope there are acts playing classical makossa.

Emile       Kangue (the bass man and singer for the fomer Black Styl now live in USA)

hello mr Dibussi tande
nice great jobyou are doing by talking for the fomer group Black Styl i love the way you do the annalisy ifyou have anny thing please feel free to contact me by E-mail [email protected] and i will love to have you contact to tel &E-mail may god bless
greating from Emile kangue thank"s


Hi Dolf,

I am from the U.S. and have been in Cameroon off and on since January 1988. I have been living and working Yaounde for the past five years. In 88 I immediately became a big fan of "orignal Makossa" and collect as much music as I can. I find what is happening with the music scene in Cameroon and "les genies de Makossa" quite depressing. I do have an idea on how to make things somewhat better and would love to share this with you. You can email me at [email protected]. Your Makossa Original site is fantastic! Best wishes - James Beighle

Greg Takor

I wantto purchase albums by Jean Claude Mbimbe, Tokotou Ashanti, Solo Muna, Geo Massou, Bela Njoh, original black seel, Ngale Jojo, Benji Matike or a cd that comines all these artists. Send information to my e-mail

Martin Douala

So, where is Toto Guillaume in the picture? Where can one find this great music? The guitar as an instrument was punished by these guys long before Tim & Forty emerged on the scene. They are our Beatles!

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