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September 22, 2010


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Zouk la sé sel médikaman nou ni

"Ou la ou ye eva?" (where are you eva) - a phrase etched deep in the consciousness of my generation!! I remember it like yesterday when Kassav made that historic trip to Cameroon in 198. It was as if the Gods had landed in Godforsaken Cameroon. For two weeks it was nationwide pandemonium with mega concerts in Yaounde, Douala Bafoussam, Bamenda, etc. Back then we ate Kassav, we drank Kassav and hung on to their every word or song - Jacob Desvarieux, Jocelyne Berouard, Jean Phillipe Marteley, Jean Claude Naimro, George Decimus, Mbida Douglas, Marie Jose Gibbons, and of course, the master charmer, the young and irreverent Patrick St. Eloi...

By the time Kassav returned for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th visits, Cameroonians had come down from their "Kassav High", had become more cynical, and more familiar with foreign acts. But the 1986 Kassav tour would undoubtedly be remembered as the greatest music tour ever in Cameroon. Whoever said that Kassav was our own The Beatles is right on the money; and that 1986 tour can only be compared to The Beatles landing in America in 1964 and the "Eva" video comparable to The Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan show and led to their popularity simply blowing through the stratosphere. Ou la ou ye Partick St. Eloi? Ou la ou ye??? Ah, nostalgie, nostalgie


The Kassav folks are getting old too. Time flies. What a great group! RIP Patrick.


it's a very sad time and big loss,he was a great singer he is part of cassav, we all going to miss him so much,i am a big fan of jean phillip marthly and i always argue who was the best patrick or marthly it is very difficult quastion its like missing something from your body .we Angolas love u very much and going to miss.


May his soul rest peacefully. I have always loved kassav; even though i don't speak their native. It's my dream to meet and perform with them someday. God bless and comfort Patrick's family and friends for the loss. Amen


patrick Patrick i love u so mux.. Rest in peace en angola will always love u..

Jean Felicite

For every show Kassav' performed in St.Lucia I would be there and I always looked for the performance of "OU MALAD OU" for the part when both Patrick and Jean Phillip would do their back to back duo.Kassav' is my favorite group and I take them with everywhere.Patrick has been a great lost but his special contribution lives on as we were all fortunate to be the recipients of his special tone.

Jean Felicite

As kassav' is the body,we the fans are the HEART,Jocelyne Béroard, Jacob Desvarieux, , Jean-Claude Naimro, Claude Vamur and Georges Décimus are the BRAINS. (Notice there a woman involve;man can't think alone)Jean-Philippe Marthély and Patrick St. Eloi are the LUNGS and we can still breathe.

Comme kassav › est le corps, nous les ventilateurs sont le COEUR, Jocelyne Béroard, Jacob Desvarieux,, Jean-Claude Naimro, Claude Vamur et Georges Décimus est les CERVEAUX. (Remarquer là une femme implique ; l'homme ne peut pas penser seul) Jean-Philippe Marthély et Patrick St. Eloi est les POUMONS et nous pouvons respirer toujours.

Teddy Ndouba

I have stopped listening to zouk since I moved to america but like today I decided to dig up some old kassav's song and suddenly. I fell on Patrick saint wooing death news. it really sad and id like to shared my sincerest condolences to his family;fans as well as the entire don tom.

david michael hector

kassav is my band and my group i just love this band and all the members in volue the beat the lirics the rythm and just every thing they put outhi joycelyn patrick was my boy thebest zouk band in the world and still is keep on going my name david m hector from the island off grenada in the caribbean but i live california love you all zouk is my kind off music

Gabriel bossplaya

I wish all the best for Kassav, your music is a pleassure to my ears and soul, may God Bless everyone of you, may Patrick Saint-Eloi rest in place we wil always remember him in him and appreciate his music.

Devenson Rodulfo

I am from Trinidad and Tobago. What amazes me is how this band has managed to keep it together after so many years. You are a blessing unto the Caribbean, although I don't understand much french, I grew up listening to Zouk on our local radio stations played intermittently. I fell in love with zouk in the early 90s when I was just a child.
RIP Patrick St. Eloi.....
May God bless Kassav to continue into the future

Charles Faregeon Amalega

I'm still enjoying this great man music every single day, I'm not sure Patrick is gone.

Mr Domingos M Sequeira

I've been praying for him since his death... I just want him alive in each day of my Life!!! I've met all the Kassav in Maputo, Mozambique in the early 90's, to be precisely in September 1992 when I lived there! All The Best to Kassav!!! Thank you all Very Much!!!

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