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« February 23 Protests: Rapid Intervention Unit & Anti Riot Police Brutalize Demonstrators | Main | Cameroon Bans Twitter Via SMS to Insulate Itself Against Digital Activists »

February 23, 2011


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keep the spirit patriots, we are all behind u. The reign of terror must stop biya and his gang of embezzlers must fall. this is the time, fight or die.


My respect to all those brave people who join you. Hope more will copy your example. Let us go for Biya. Sparow Hawk will settle score with the men in uniform.


woman of substance,woman of spirit,courageous woman keep fighting our struggle is here and is now we are behind you.


Hydrogen has no odour. The odour could be oil leak from pump in water cannon.


Solidarity from Virginia, USA!


We should not stop here. One day event successful but not enough. Proper planing with plan b&c as backup are key if we want to succeed. The time is now. Biya
Must go


my respect!!!!!

o bosso

Aahhhhhh keep which spirit? Trator.

Ambrose Lasco

Nothing can stand on the way of million of voices calling for change. Kah Walla will forever be great. Boston USA.


yes Kah Walla,we are all with you,obosso!enough is enough,all my life ive known one president!he most leave,biya go!you are a great person GOD is with you.


Keep up Kah Walla. The world is watching


My dear Kah Walla, God has placed you there for a reason. He will equip you with the necessary tools. Keep up the Faith and rely on His wisdom and judgment..
Stay Blessed


Ms. Walla, keep up your energy and spirit, God will bless you. You are our voice. The sea is rising.....Love your American Sisters and Brothers

Douala Mbengue

Am surprised it came as a shock to Kah Walla that when she arrived feu rouge, there were no protesters... this lady is dreaming, she things a numerous sponsored media outings automatically make such a very popular and commanding person. Poor thing. Egypt can never be Cameroon.


keep up we are with you. from Ukraine. is he not tired .let him go peaceful and enjoy the money he has stolen with his family abroad



Liberate Cameroon

Huuraay from Colorado. I think the first step towards liberation will be to free all political prisoners including Lapiro and others. The peaceful protests should continue because its how it all starts and until they are ready to bring change, we should not stop until we have achieved our goals. We should organize a match here in the USA to impact the outcome in Cameroon!

Liberate Cameroon

To Douala Mbengue. Hello Mr Mbengue, your kind is the reason why our society will never prosper. From your name, your father is probably part of the "Embezzlement Committee" and you steal Tax Payers money so you don't really know how it feels to be part of the lower class in this country. No wonder all the young brains are leaving the country. As she said, Cameroon is not poor! But we are poorly managed.

Tracy williams

Bravo. keep it up. Big hugs to my brothers and sisters who were out there in the street on the 23 feb you guys are a winner. SHAME ON YOU BIYA u. Love u all.

Douala Mbengue

Liberate Cameroon,
sorry, but from your tone of voice I can sense some frustration.Too bad, you re from a lower class, not my fault hein. well dont get me wrong, in so far as i agree cameroon has some problems and that something must be done to remedy the situation, change unfortunately will never come from the likes of Kah Walla, Anicet Ekane and co, am so sorry to say that but its the truth.
The problem is that most of you guys live millions of miles away and are disconnected from the realities of the country, so much so thta any piece of gossip from men like these is some precios info for you.
Moreso; when you say all the young brains are leaving the country i dont agree with you, for its real exaggeration. I you want change get organised as polical leaders and confront the realities in the ballot, as you know, egypt is not cameroon. That was quite daring Kah Walla, but was really being foolhardy.

Hongla Duke

Douala Mbengue, change will not come from the likes of Kah Walla so should we fold our amrs and wait for the perfect individual, the messiah that will take us to the promised land? No! Change does not come from one person; it will come when everyone does their little bit, no mnatter how insignificant. So whatever we think of Kah Walla, she has answered to the call of destiny and history to play her small part. Have you played yours? Have you answered the call of history of simply given in to that lengedary cameroonian passivity and indolence that leads to paralysis? Give the devil his due, my dear friend...

Sango Mboa

Kah Walla has started a very good fight. I hope she is not bought over along the way by the Biya regime. 29 years in power, its just natural Biya should not run for re-election. The change coming to Africa cannot be stopped by the use of police and the army. I support peaceful change, not change marked with violence and destruction of personal property and infrastructure. It is very difficult to rebuild anything destroyed during the change process.Indeed, Cameroon OBOSSO !!

"Asegah" Douala Cameroon

You are a true example of a leader. Move on!!! In the final phase this struggle will lead us to a another New South Sudan and why not Libya. Hahaha. We are behind U Kah Walla!!! Enough is Enough and the time is now. We don't need Maginalised Hand Clapping Leaders.God will show us a way.

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