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May 03, 2011


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Gan Charles

It is one thing to expose facts but entirely erroneous to spread unfounded rumours. Rumours hurt the credibility of the perpetrator. Yes the Government, as well as anyone defamed by unsubstansiated romours, has the right to defend itself.
The problem with the so-called Diaspora elements is that they are so fragmented with different agendas, some being outright vandetta against the Government more for personal, selfish reasons and less for the interest of the Cameroon people. I am no defender of the Government, in fact I am one of its harshest criticts. But, for heavens sake get your fact straight before.
On the other hand, due to the lack of credibility and unity amongst those claiming to be leaders in Diaspora, there has not been a united front that has been able to unite Cameroonians to bring the force to bear on the administration and demand accountability.
What you are left with is a hodge podge of egocentric individuals dissiminating unfounded roumours as fact. Wonder why the government is still in power.
Get serious people!


Why and how the Biya Regime is obsessed with controlling online speech and muzzling Diaspora political activism.The how part of the question was well answered,but not the WHY part.To answer the WHY part, you need to go back to John Kennedy's famous speech.
"ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

"Instead, the regime is still immersed in that repressive culture whose primary goal is to control, co-opt, contain, or simply coerce into submission." Such misplaced assessment exposes the author's naiveté over the governments intentions. Even Julian Assange (the wikileaks founder) was referred to as a "cyber terrorist" by America's vice president.It is simple Realism in international and national politics, his actions were contrary to America's national interest.If Cameroonians in the Diaspora are acting contrary to the governments interest, what do you expect?
As a Cameroonian, you've expressed your desire for a "viable virtual public sphere where the vitality of Cameroonian cyber-communities may be harnessed to develop a democratic ethos and promote democratic/transparent institutions that are answerable to the people." I hope your research will focus more on "how and why Cameroonians in the Diaspora have failed to engage the government for the well-being of their country?"

Rene Mbuli

The Regime of Biya is merely paying the price for its injustice and evil treatment of the people. Those who laid clean criticisms for change were brutally repressed, some imprisoned and some exiled. Now that they are out of the regime's reach, they are taking the heat even higher. Why should the regime complain now? If they had listened to these clean and genuine criticisms and reformed, things would have been better. The Cyber space has become the people's new form of Democracy. Such freedom of speech which is denied in Cameroon now finds itself in the diaspora and cyber space. What can they do about it. The only solution is to CHANGE and not repress.

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