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June 22, 2011


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An indicisive president who doesn't know what to do with the Chinese "invasion", with incompetent ministers, with a heavily decentralized system, with a corrupt general, with an underperforming AES Sonel, with an electoral commission that lacks credibility, with a national investment corporation that operates in a non-transparent manner... etc.

If we didn't know better, we would think that this was one of those "subversive" opposition leaders badmouthing our dear President....

It is defnitely time to a brand new, bold and decisive leadership!

John Dinga

Thanks Tande Dibussi, for this golden opportunity to peep through your lense and that of Wikileaks to see below the surface of our good old triangle. It is gratifying to think that towards the end of his rule, President Paul Biya is seriously concerned about the progress of the country.

The work appears unnecessarily heavy only for one reason - the unfortunate tendency to glorify a one-man show. Empower the institutions of the nation, Mr. President - the courts, the national assmebly, the police force, research insitutions, the universities - and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be. Bonne chance.

Jean-Marie Etame

Biya, his ministers and advisers are all intellectually dishonest. For someone who’s been in power both in the capacity of vice president and president for more than 27 years, he speaks of Cameroon as an isolated leader who lives in a bubble. He depends solely on briefings from his ministers/advisers/governors and barely knows his own country. He, Biya as president should have travel all over Cameroon by now looking for what needs to be done from the citizens, but not he prefers long trips abroad living lavishly on the state’s expenses

What do you expect him to say to the US ambassador in a two hour conversation, of course he touches on his so call accomplishments and illuminate his strengths. When the ambassador on several occasions mentioned political and economic reforms he dodged and stuck with what matters to him or makes him look good. Granted he has convicted his former appointees for embezzling and stealing the state’s money but he Paul Biya has been using the country money as his personal bank account/ATM machine since he became president.

Ruling with the expectations of loyalty and not competence has lead Cameroon to a degree of poverty that will take decades to recovery from. Biya has the audacity to expect those who have stolen state’s money from the state to repent to him, instead he should lead the way, set an example by repenting to the Cameroonian people for his disregard, hate, mismanagement and theft of the country’s asserts.

Please do not censor comments on your blog.


Once again this Revelation show who Biya is. The head of Cartel he called government. He is always quick to glorify himself. Like the Godfather he makes promises he never accomplished. (where is the Senate Election)
What matters to the Cameroonian people is not of interest to him......
Well his Cartel is at its decline now since most of its members are fighting against each other. And he is putting some behind bar.

Akum George

The agricultural sector contributed alot to develop the U S and it is it that should contribute much to develop Cameroon. If the president says 'he was unhappy with the Minister of agriculture for not doing more to boost the sector' he is 100 per cent right but what has he done since he made this statement since last year to rescue the situation? Almost nothing.The situation is deplorable.


In short, he's a despot & his days are running short despite his cartelism.

Tantoh Henry A.

An old adage holds that "It never rains ;it pours!"
The time of reckoning is at hand. Just like John Milton's characters in "The Paradise Lost" waiting in Purgatory to be judged. That is exactly the situation in which Mr.Biya and his cohorts find themselves today.
They have held this country ransom for over three decades without any qualms.He pretentiously insinuates to the US Ambassador that he can only show some clemency to victims of the Sparrow Hawk Operation if they show some remorse or atonement for their crimes? Has he himself done same to Cameroonians whose assets he and his clique of cleptocrates have plundered over these years? Where is the Cameroon Bank? Where is the SCB Bank?, The farmer's pride; the National Produce Marketing Board?, The FONADER?, The Crédit Agricole?, WADA?,UNVDA?,CELLUCAM? Our Petrol money etc. Where are the results of the thousand and one Commissions of inquiries set to investigate acts of impunity commited by some of these unscrupulous citizens who at the time resorted to arson to erase evidence of their thievry. Just give me one whose findings were made public?
At one time when the SDF cried foul to these impunities Mr. Biya asked for proves? A few years latter he started bringing out the proves himself even without being asked again? Now some of his closest collaborators who almost considered themselves as untouchables are lanquishing behind bars.Former President Ahidjo for 25 years had done great things for Cameroon. Realised numerous palpable projects. Just to cite a few: The Amadou Ahidjo Stadium, Reunification Stadium, the Yaounde Congress Hall, the present Unity Palace,the Yaounde Universty Complex,the Wouri Bridge, the Sanaga Bridge, ONCPB Buildings in Yaounde and Douala,CNPS Y'de,SNI,CNR, Ministerial Buildings in Yaounde,Yaounde Town Hall,the Douala International Airport, The now Yaounde military airport? Stadia: Bafoussam, Garoua. Tarred Road networks linking major towns?,the Douala Seaport, the rail network etc. and the list continues. The Biya Regime for thirty years has virtually nothing to offer apart from the Economic Crisis and hardship it has brought to Cameroonians. There's no condition that is permanent in this world! Our stay on this earth is ephemeral.We're supposed to make ample use of the small time the Lord Almighty has accorded us on earth to render services to
humanity.Because no one knows where he came from and where he is heading to?
Ben Jonson the Italian Comedian ends his play VOLPONE with these words. "...let all that see these vices thus rewarded,take heart to study them.Mischieve feeds like beasts till they be fat;then they bleed." The future will tell!!!!

obioma kumba nigerian

cameroonians are talkative drunkers trying to sound like brave intellectuals.this people are so fearful to ever fight for their rights,after all they are morally bankrupt and every citizen is somehow funny and ...will finish this conversation if any cameroonian especially the anglo cameroonians who sold themselfs to slavery.lol


I agree with u Obioma - anglo cameroonians sold themselves into slavery and cant even figure out how to get out

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