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September 29, 2011


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Shahntal Ruki

You are in South Africa, and speaking really loudly, granting interviews and all, you come to the frontline and lead the battle against biya then we will respect you. It sucks when cameroonians flee their country then stand far off, running their mouths about war being the answer do you know how many people will die beause of this! Come to cameroon! lead the revolution then grant interviews...if you will still be part of the living!!

Hongla Duke

Ruki, why are you chasing shadows. Mbembe says that the only way that the will be regime change in Cameroon is through force. That is his point of view and it doesn't matter whether he lives in Mars or Pluto. Either he is correct or he is wrong. That is the real issue.

So, do you think he is wrong, and do you really believe that regime change can occur through peaceful means, for example, through the October 9 elections? If you do, why? That is the only issue on the table. Any other discussion about geography is a mere distraction.

I am looking forward to your seasoned arguments.


Shahntal Ruki,

I think you should differentiate between words like politician, activist, intellectual/scholar/thinker etc. Mbembe is not a politician or activist, or power monger to come to cameroon and lead a movement to overthrow the regime. He is a fine intellectual/scholar/thinker/theorist, and I would advise you respect him for that. By the way, I hope I am talking to the right person. I would be surprised if you are from Cameroon. And if you are, what's your real name?


A fair assessment of Cameroon politics.

However, violent regime change is no guarantee for good governance, development and prosperity. More so, very few striving democracies in contemporary Africa have emerged from armed rebellion. Democracy is a craft that must be learned, unfortunately we have a long way to go.


Nice interview from the erudite professor.


I support Ruki and her argument. Pourqoi c'est toujours les Camerounais en diapora qui attise les flammes de la violence. You people are never in the country. you probably have established your life in the US or wherever you decided to settle and condone violence like what happened in Ivory coast. Do you realize how many years it is going to take these countries that rebellled "STUPIDLY" with no strategy to get back up from a bad economy and no jobs all of that? Look at Tunisia's case now they are receiving AID from Europe something like billions to help them with economic growth. Vous faites CHIER avec vos "lets start a war shit" By the way i did not even read the whole interview I was disgusted by the first lines an "armed Rebellion" (SMH) for soit disant new regime, supposedly educated men condone WAR. vous me faites pitier


The Pacifist Problem.
To be fair to Prof.Mbembe,the present regime has failed in the past/present to establish a credible independent body to ensure free and fair elections.The regime has responded violently to mass protest and other forms of social mobilization for change.Though the government is in denial, regime-supporting forces are used to repress,harass,stifle and intimidate the regime's opponents,civil uprising and democratization.Despite its fight against corruption, proliferation of media,growing focus on human rights and civil liberties, Cameroon remains a dysfunctional state rifle with corruption and administrative ineffectiveness.*
There is a broad-based consensus that the status quo in Cameroon is unacceptable.A widely accepted view holds that those in power will seek to preserve the status quo, and will resist any alternative government. US Embassy cables reveal that there is “quiet jockeying for power within the CPDM, mostly (but not only) by Southerners trying to ensure that the presidency remains in their hands.”The opposition parties have failed to convince the population that they are any better.The assessment made by US diplomat is that “Cameroon's opposition in disarray .”**
Having considered all these facts, I think Prof Mbembe's conclusion that change can only come through force has some weight. Although my wish is that change should come through peaceful means, what matters are the facts on the ground.Hence our challenge as pacifist,is not to condemn Prof Mbembe's analysis rather to offer an alternative solution to the problem.
Bear in mind also that a change in government does not mean better governance. John S. Mill laid down fundamental principles for emerging democracies, “people should be willing to receive; they should be willing and able to do what is necessary for its preservation; and they should be willing and able to fulfil the duties and discharge the functions which it imposes on them.”
* On the Postcolony 2001:80-85, for more on tonton-macoutization.
**See Wikileaks Cable REFERENCE ID 06YAOUNDE816
***Mill,J.S Consideration of Representative Governments.


Lamor, you're apparently a francophone, so you are aware of the term "un constat" or an assessment. Mbembe is assessing a situation and not asking anyone to start a war! Rather than worry about Mbembe's declarations, you the concerned Cameroonian, should be asking yourself whether the conditions that led to the Ivorian conflict exist in Cameroon. Yes they do and it is not because of Mbembe!

As John F. Kennedy once said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

To paraphrase Martin Luther King, our nation must either come to terms with the issues that Mbembe raises, or "drive a seething humanity to a desperation it tried, asked, and hoped to avoid."

And that is not a call to violence, not a threat, but a simple "constat."

Irena Nyobe

I agree, this is a non-event. Watch this video taken at the ELECAM office in Buea. All the lists are on the floor and people can't find their names!

Irena Nyobe

I agree, this is a non-event. Watch this video taken at the ELECAM office in Buea and please share it. All the lists are on the floor and people can't find their names! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_ZE6Xl88Lk

Prince Nkwenti

The problem is that, if we are to rally against Biya, who will supply the weapons?? there are dosen of people who are ready to get into this but who is the leader and who are we fighting for?? i my self i will be the first to take my arm and head straight to YAOUNDE for victory.
Then fellers out of Cameroon, you guys keep talking while you are hiding back out of the country, do you think is the best way to support your mother land?? Long live Cameroon though i am english


Achille has provided impressive answers to every question posted. However, I would prefer if Cameroonians shun away from war and violence as a main solution to their problems. War can have serious toll on the economy, business and finance, most importantly, on the lives of the people living here.


As John F. Kennedy once said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

To paraphrase Martin Luther King, our nation must either come to terms with the issues that Mbembe raises, or "drive a seething humanity to a desperation it tried, asked, and hoped to avoid."



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