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October 12, 2011


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Bangsi Daniel Song

I sincerely thank the commonwealth for struggling to turn a dictatorship into a democracy but as a Cameroonian journalist after covering all the elections since 1992,i have the impression that the government is playing for time and reaping the country dry.
I doubt whether the commonwealth do not nurse the fear that because of this intentional fraudulent attitude, Cameroon has reached the level of advanced political decay, a prelude to disorder like in many African countries.
My greatest worry again is that your report will not be different from the prievous ones and will be ignored by the same people who are playing for time as poor tax payers yawn in poverty.
where i voted identified CPDM supporters had as many as 4 voters cards. some of them were caught voting from one polling station to the other. You can imagine what happened in polling stations where opposition militants were chased away or were simply not represented because of the lack of proper funding.
again i know the commonwealth is more credible than some of the tourists who came pretending to be election observers and can put pressure, why not expel a dictatorial regime from the gentlemen club. 1995 is a pretty long time and why wait for Cameroonians to start throwing stones before you mediate.Please a stitch in time is more one thousand when things degenerate to violence
B Daniel Song in Buea, 77323590, [email protected] or [email protected]

Ben M B

i wish to thank the Commonweath Mission that observed the Presidential Elections of 9th October 2011 in Cameroon. the points raised in their report shows that Cameroon will never forge ahead in its democratic process. The issue of a multiple ballot paper has been discussed and proposed several times by the Commonweath with Govenrment but there is no change. The anarchy that characterised voting day in Cameoorn is not knew.a number od people who registered never could not claim their cards. And this has been noted to be a deliberate attempt to prevent many people from voting by Government call it ELECAM. Furthermore, some individuals had many voter cards and this was a fear that was raised by many Cameroonians prior to voting and ELECAM was advised to do a new compilation of voters' register but the Chairman refused saying that the old register would be used and that double registration will be expunged from the data base. This again never changed and we are here still complaining about what we have complained in several elections. ELECAM is not independent and shall never be. The Manner in which their Board Chair talks and responds to questions is not different from that of any CPDM bigwig. His language does not resemble that of an independent personality incharge of elections like what we here other Chairpersons speak in other countries. He is partisan and may just introduce some cosmetic changes and the real ones will not be implemented. The Chairman defends all elections laws and does not see any weakness in them. Even those that are outdated and archaic. This kind of a man cannot do what Cameroonians will like but simply what his master will want. That is the President.
ELECAM is not fully incharge of elections in Cameroon. They may print ballot papers and distribute but they do not do the final compilation even at the Divisional level. The final counting is presded over by a Magistrate and not ELECAM. ELECAM is only a member of the Counting Committee. Furthermore,does not do the final compilation in Yaounde. Only 5 of them are represented in the National Vote counting Commision. And i will like toprecise that this is not ELECAM but a completely different organisation still involve in the final vote counting. It is presided over by the President of the Administrative Bench of the Supreme Court.ELECAM is only a member of this organ and they do not preside over the counting. So who says ELECAM is an independent organ charged with Elections in Cameroon.
Furthmore in this Commission. the Government of Cameroon is represented by 5 Persons called 'Administration' each political party has just one representative.There is another college of Magistrates in the Committee.So the CPDM always has an overwhelming majority and numrically the CPDM and Government representatives will outway the rest and if it is to vote, the CPDM is favoured disproportionately. ELECAM cannot annouce results. A different organ has to do the anouncement.
SO Commonwealth is toothless and can only talk uet nothing changes. You seem to instead legitimise each flawed election in Cameroon because of your diplomatic language of not calling a spade a spade.
I followed what The Government radio said about your comments. They selected only those positive points about meeting benchmarks of democratice principles and did not mention anything about the shortcomings that you mentioned in your preliminary statement. This what Government now uses to justify their dictatorship and highly flawed elections.
So please I do not think you are helping Cameroon with proposals that are never heeded to. Better stay away let Cameroonians fight their battle alone.
the fear is that you will lose your credibility if you Commonweaith do not change. Please you either do something better maintain your integrity and relevance less you may just be considered tourist observers coming to sojourn in Africa in miniature
South West Cameroon


I want to thank the gentleman's club for coming to Cameroon for a touristic trip and not to supervise and observe elections. I expected this organisation to have told Cameroonians what they had proposed to the Governemnt of cameroon as far as the management of the elctoral process is concerned. Why did they not present their report publicly because the Government read only the nice lines of their report and did not make mention of any criticisms.
I want to think that they should have presented this report in two main paragraphs (successes of the electoral process and then the weaknesses of Elecam to make it more comprehensive. I am dissappointed because they came to eat our fufu and vegetables with Kati-Kati, ndole etc and actually left unoticed.
Your group saw the truth as far as governing is carried out in Cameroonm I hope you would be biased in helping West Cameroon gain independence as it just happened in Sudan. We are sicked and tired please proof to be independent because your actions in Cameroon is a clear indication that you not independent just as ELECAM in Cameroon. Partiality was youe doctrine with the Government.


I wish to express my disappointment in the way; the so called club of gentlemen is handling election matters in Cameroon noted for elections rigging and mismanagement. Surprise that the club of gentlemen would mention in their preliminary report (that I imagine will not be different from the final copy), that ELECAM is an independent body, knowing well that it is coated with cpdm bigwigs. The club of gentlemen keep repeating the same proposals after every elections eg the single ballot issue that has never been table in the cpdm parliament since 1995.To be honest, do you think this club is useful to Cameroonians? I think not. I also think the commonwealth came to give credit to one of Africa's longest serving dictator. Your credibility is moving down to zero. Better you leave us alone than to each time approve the ill faith of the dictator and have never for once proposed the cancellation of the whole fraudulent process. Why don't the commonwealth be gentle as it is called?
Centre Region

Koko Kabonge

I am sure the Commonwealth team of experts did not observe this election.

To say it met most of the benchmarks of democracy and universal suffarge is a slap on the face of fairness and good jugement.

Millions of Cameroonians, willing to vote, were delibrately defranchised at home and abroad.

The fact that the oposition was not united is not an excuse to orchestrate the fraud, rigging and shame of 9th October.

I suspect that the authorities in Yaounde, might have, as usual, corrupted this team of observers to stay mute in the face of gross and reckless irregularities.

No doubt, they shamelessly and happily took photographs with Paul BIYA, a candidate in the race, to display their partiality.

All this rubbish of the Commonwealth et al. are just a mockery to commonsense and sound reasoning.

The people of Cameroon should now take their destiny in their own hands.

Eteki Elame

After this election it is difficult to resist the temptation to believe that perceptions are more relevant and are probably based on much more than just the observations.
In simple terms my perceptions are:
1. There was no credible opposition to President Paul BIYA. Even if some people think he has not quite lived up to the expectation of his Greater Ambitions.
2. The opposition leaders and Presidential candidates are very unimpressive as potential Presidents. In many cases they are quite bizarre. A large group of their supporters are merely anti-thought and their world view only extends and linger around and as far as "African Magic" and "Canal 2"
3. Some of the opposition shenanigans over the polling period and post election period show that their candidacy was just to make money. How selfish. Do they really have the nation at heart? Why do they think they can only create a league only after polling day turned bad for them. Why was there no common front at the beginning - greed!

Martin-Luther Fon Yembe

I am shocked and flabbergasted by this show of solidarity between the so-called Commonwealth Observer team and the Biya regime. After all, the manner and way in which their wedlock was concocted leaves no one oindifferent.
Can one imagine that these guys came and ended up in the cities where the voters are more enlightened while the rigging and electoral brigandage was going on amongst the rural ignorant population.
These Observers are not gentlemen, they are businessmen in diplomatic robes. They came to disturb and tell themselves what is palatable to their ears and now can go and claim huge envelops while the rest of us, poor Cameroonians languish in misery under a dictator, worse than Ghadaffi for another seven years!!! God forbid!!!
Martin-Luther Fon Yembe in Bamenda

Koko Kabonge

Mr. Elame has missed the point. The fact that they were no credible contenders to Mr. Biya, was not a license for the flaws of unmeasured proportions that we witnessed on polling day.

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