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« Boko Haram and the Fear of Islamic Extremism in Cameroon: Part 1 – Boko Haram’s Cameroon Connection | Main | Boko Haram and the Fear of Islamic Extremism in Cameroon: Part 3 – Beyond the Hysteria... »

January 15, 2012


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Agnes Ndimbie

Thanks for opening my eyes to Northern Cameroon and Cameroonian Muslims who have always been complete strangers to me, a Christian who grew up in the South and only caught glimpses of Islam and Northern Cameroon only through the occasional or rare newspaper article or TV report.

Will have to reread to draw my own conclusions with regards to Boko Haram. Waiting anxiously for Part Three

Hope Kale Ewusi

Your brilliant expose sheds light on a phenomenon that has been ongoing in divers forms -stemming from the clash of civilizations counched in Western colonization of Africa along with Islamic infiltration - both steeped in antiquity . Boko Haram's emergence however miss guided their tactics & aspirations, is rooted in the same context of protest against alien influences which Chinua Achebe's celebrated novel deplores in leterary terms.Lest we forget, many African nations recently celebrated 50 years of independence from the West, - an independence which was bloodily contested and finally attained through valiant sacrifice of our forebears.With Western colonization came Christian values, while Arabic infiltration introduced Islam.Both faiths - inherently alien, albeit, have a lasting stranglehold in African religious conscience.. Beneath the Boko Haram mayhem lies the plight of a people ( African) striped-up perhaps or more aptly put a people devoid of robust native values that can thwart foreign influences ( socio-political / cultural ), while imposing in return strong contrarian currents capable of influencing alien detractors by force of will.While radicalized Islam proselytizes through mayhem, Western evangelism imposes its values through subtle indoctrination and the net effect in both instances basically has been the devaluation & dilution Afro- autochtonic values. Similar responses to perceived cultural encroachment belied the mayhem that terrorized the Swedish capital last year. The foregoing though limited in deference to brevity, underscores the global scope of radical contestation.Thus as the specter of radical Islamism creeps into our national turf, it is prudent to take precautionary measures to stem its spread, while at the same time examine the underlying factors that prompts the proliferation of extremist fervor.


The Bokoharamists would stop the Foumban tradition of representational art, because it haram to their type. What a shame that would be.


Local muslims really need to spearhead the containment of these anti-African wahabeasts, otherwise the Southern parts of Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and other states would have to cooperate to contain them. This is a very pernicious influence.

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