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« Albatross Affair: A Profile of Ephraim Inoni and Hamidou Marafa | Main | Charles Nfongang Wins the 2012 Bibi Ngota Award for Journalism Against Impunity in Africa »

April 18, 2012


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Larry Eyong

Biya is guilty of intentionally conniving to by pass the Bretton Woods institutions to purchase an exorbitant plane that the country could not afford, deprive the people of much needed roads and hospitals and stick the younger generation with the bill. That is a crime. Because he who goes to equity must go with clean hands Biya is estopped from trying anyone. What is happening is a travesty.

Isys Ebanga

In its heyday, Cameroon Airlines bought a number of planes from Boeing including the 747 which became a "national treasure", and all these purchases were straightforward and transparent. Cameroon has done it before.

So in this case, the real criminals are those who conceived the idea to bypass all legal obligations and "fool" the IMF just so that King Biya should ride in a luxury aircraft. Biya signed off on it, and all the chaos that ensued stems from that lone act. Short of him dying in office, there is no way in this lifetime that Biya too will not end up in Kondengui for collusion to defraud the state of Cameroon of $31 million.

Tout le monde a Kondengui!

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Thank you for your information


Wow! Thanks for this first major Albatross article in English. I always got a headache trying to piece it all together from the plethora of French language articles available on the topis.

This reads like a financial espionage thriller! And it doesn't even tell us the story from the perspective of Mebara, Yves Fotso, Mendouga and others.


It does rather seem to me that Mr Biya is at the very least as guilty as those persons who have been detained on remand for this affair (that is, if they are proven guilty. Inon's situation appears to be somewhat egregious in this regard).

Are we going to have Mr Biya in court? I think not. He is above the law, isn't he? He is not a mere mortal like the rest of us. This should serve as a lesson to those who blindly follow his directions (or total lack thereof when it suits him - which is most of the time).

Biya does try hard to earn his title of "Le Roi Fainéant", which quality is only exceeded by his extreme vindictiveness and cncern for the safety of his own person.

I hope this story is picked up in other quarters. Dibussi, this is very, very good. It is worth clarifying these shenanigans for the general public. It would be good if this were to appear in Cameroon Post. There is the likelhood, though, that you and your relatives will be harassed because you have told the truth.

Ayaba Bobe

In a space of lawlessness and disorder that Biya is tyrant, in the jungle we live in Lion Biya as Prince, in a land where people reap where they never sowed, you would see and hear nothing better. Biya as turned Cameroon into a mess and needs to be told that. That is a true student of Machiavelli and the most enlightened despot of modern Africa. To work with people and in the end over or about 100 of them are preys to your schemes make you a very dangerous element for which I think Biya is to Cameroonians. It is our shame. It is our disgrace and lack of hope. How can 100 top state men, so influential, suddenly become rouges to their master. How did Inoni become PM and Marafa Biya's closest man in 2004 when he tried killing him in 2003? Biya and his band are crooks and we must be wise. If Biya is getting that now, it tells who the kind of Law and Order that only failed intellectuals like Fame Ndongo can sing to in the most RIDICULOUS CRTV, a symbol of our shame.
I heard and saw in Nigeria, next door and black African country, where to buy a presidential plane, Senate had to discuss a bill on that. Biya finds our parliament too inferior to discuss the buying of a presidential plane and billions are trafficked in rat holes. That is Cameroon, that is our land of milk and honey. SHAME.
Bobe Ayaba


Many thanks Dibussi. For the first time I got the trail. Please continue taking down the notes and lets have the complete story in book form whenever the Master takes his turn.


The truth shall set any accused persons free or send them to jail. Ha ha, that is if you believe there is justice in the LRC!


If the vice of corruption is to be followed to its last then I think it should begin from above. You could not accuse the shoulders of making the body fall because it is the head and not the shoulders carrying the body. Biya's impunity should begin from his very self.

vaio computers

Well constructed piece.It can be developed as a movie script for hollywood directors and screen writers.

Dr. Jonas B. Fodje, MD, MBA, FRCS.

This is the kind of story you will not hear inthe USA. This is so because the Congress of the USA has a strong instrument to check the actions of the chief Executive - the power of the purse string. Ever heard of that? Yes that is how the representatives of the people are in charge of major expenditures in behalf of the Executive branch. We need a system that works for the people. This kind of check will prevent the meddling of executive officers in domains where their competence is limited. It saves them from such accusations as those now being levelled against Inoni and Marafat both of whom had wonderful careers in the public service of the country.Their experiences are assets not to be wasted because tanished by mean scandals.Thank you for this succinct report that shed some light on this affair. Keep up the good works.Nation building is ardous and can make the strong or undo the least wary. We hope that the legal process will proceed without delay and or shenanigans. Delays and politically manouvring can only poison the admosphere of tranquility of a nation is search for progress and peace on earth.


thats what we get from a lawless society and a bunch of freaks in a generation of selfish slave owners...when the music plays just keep dancing..let inoni and marafa join thier friends and biya should note..the music is on and he is the host. eventually he will dance too


Hi Dibussi,
Can I publish this on our Fako Lawyers website (www.fakla.org)and the yahoo group?

Ethan Enanga

The real crook is the person who ordered the purchase of the plane without following proper procedure; I however shed no tears for these two of his enablers or those already in the prison system and those to follow. They are merely finding out what “unpatriotic Cameroonians” have been complaining about.

The Ngwa Man

Mr Tande this is damn good coverage of this topic. Thank you for putting all of this together for our consumption & understanding. In my opinion, S.E. Biya must be IMPEACHED because this Albatros scandal is a result of his attempts to secretly & inappropriately use state funds to purchase a private plane. The big picture about all of this is that Mr Biya has clearly implicated himself thus confirming the illegitimacy & illegality of his presidency once again. Only in pays can a thief report his accomplieces to the courts for stealing items from him that he himself has stolen & escape justice. The opposants in parliament should table a bill calling on the impeachment of Mr Biya from office. We all know that it most likely will not gain traction in the CPDM dominated Assembly but it will symbolically show the courage of the opposant MPs standing for justice & the rule of law against their CPDM colleagues. Biyacracy is a failed system which has benefited one man at the expense of all. Ironically it has proven to be dangerous & unfair to those that have enabled the sole beneficiary to remain in power till death do us part. Ha ha ha!

njitone laura

woaw this is an elaborated article as to why some official have been trapped by this sparrow hawk web. it keeps some of us in the loop of what actually transpired in the cousre of purchasing the president's plane. this is good keep it up


I feel some pity for so many talented individuals, who in order to maintain their basic humanity and dignity (albeit only temporarily it seems), allowed themselves to become part of the "Biya System".

Dibussi, this is a well reported piece.

Paul U.

It is a good step taken to clear the record of corruption Cameroon has held for long if it is done in good fate . But for how long shall this justice continue?


Cameroon is a dictatorship. Institutions like the judiciary and the parliament are mere window dressing. Ahidjo was just more straightforward. This coward in power who styles himself "lion man" reveals tons about his cockroach personality. He really gets angry when somebody makes a fool of him or shows his weakness. That is why he uses the judiciary as an instrument of vengeance and curtailing ambition.

General aboyo

These are the very guys who were in the cental committee of CPDM during the last congress.
Now it is time for the see why the masses was crying that they were managing this country poorly and that one day a Hummer will fall from the Heaven and land squarely on their head.
May God burn them without any exception at the healfire.
Thanks for the writer.
God should give you long life so that you keep Cameroonians informed.

Edmund Njoh

Its really so so sad seeing talented men being kept behind bars for the said reason(Sparrow hawk)after all they did.While others are found not guilty and others not even tried,our socalled Chiefs with their Anglophone problems hav now gone to the head of state through the minister of Communications with a message of support and vote of confidence...Choi Anglophones,no doubt we hav a problem.Dont we think?...Divid and rule has been applied fully.

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