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April 25, 2012


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This is absolutely great! You want help with further translations, you know who to call!! the whole book should be translated.



Holy cow, this was riverting; I am torn between saying ""serves you right" and doubt - what if this guy is really innocent? Then this would have been an absolute travesty of justice.


I have made a few work-related visits to some prisons and was surprised to find out that most incarcerated criminals have now mastered the bible. Most of the inmates i spoke with believe they're innocent. For a moment I thought there's something wrong because the law seems to be going only after goooooood people.

J. S. Dinga

In Cameroon there are two distinct judicial cultures at work. In one you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In the other you are guilty until you prove your innocence in a court of law. From Minister Mebara's brief narrative it is clear to see which one is operative, especially when a person is picked up on a Friday afternoon and locked up for a hearing that could very well have waited till Monday morning.


If he comes out of Prison today and is given the same offices he held before, what will he do differently? At the time they were in power, they saw nothing wrong with the system. What is the system wrong now?

Pierre Kamguia, MD.

That is sad. But well deserved in a sense. When mr. Atangana was lording it over everyone else, he never stopped one day to question the system he was sustaining: uncles and nefews in the same government, undeserved appointments etc... Now the beast he fed has come to claim his life, for it needs his blood to water the good life for others. At least mr. Mebara had that good life for some time. 19 million of his fellow citizen have never experienced power and happiness. From that perspective, Atangana mebara has very little to complaint about. He made his bed, now he is lying in it.



Great job as always on a very informative blog. I don’t know if former Minister of State Atangana Mebara and all the high ranking officials currently languishing in Kondengui are innocent or not.
One thing I do know is this, within the Biya regime you see those fighting for positions to maintain their safe seats throwing former colleagues under the bus. The struggle within CPDM and the inner cycle of the Biya administration should be one day made into a movie.
Folks, mark my words, there will be a coup in Cameroon before this saga is over. Why isn’t Biya traveling abroad anymore for his medical checkup. The minute Biya travels out of Cameroon, he’s finish. Just watch.



It is really a movie in progress my dear brothers. The bad thing about this movie is,it might end without us knowing the truth. What an unfortunate situation Cameroon finds itself in.


First, Mola, you are a God send to the Cameroonian community. I enjoy your blog very much. The question here is not the joy of one troubles but the sad state of our country judicial system. If one is guilty, they should state their case in public in public trial and the State has to proof that they are guilty of the charge. It is a basic human right. Why is the State afraid to trial these people in public? It is very simple, they are afraid that the people been charge will expose the inner working of the State and therefore exposed the corrupted and ineptness of our so call Leader Hail King Biya. We are victim of a closed judicial system because the State doesn't want the people to know the truth. I had the experience of having a loved one arrested and jailed because he broke a law. After being held in prison for 10 years without trial, after spending money on his release, after years of lost income and selling assets to survive, the State said oh sorry, there is not case. The violation was not correct because the law was intended for Cameroon and not for Transit Business to the Land Lock Countries that approved the sale of those products in their country that used Cameroon as transit Port I.E Chad and CAR. A law that Cameroon later reinstated. The State never apologized, never compensated the loved one, after all the years without trial, he was asked to put back his life back together. I say to all of you who are happy, that the worst thing that can happen to a person is to lose his or her freedom without any justification or chance to defend him or her self. So my brothers and sisters. One man doesn't own the Country but we all do. One man injustice is injustices to all.

Thank you.


The more I read about this Albatros saga, the more I get confused. It now appears to me that there is more to these arrests than meets the average eye. There is definitely a travesty of Justice here. If these "Dignitaries" are guilty, they should be given due process and charged in accordance with the laws. Prof. Titus Edzoa has been locked up at a Gendarmerie cell (not Kondengui) now for more than 13 years with no Trial. I find this difficult to understand. Inoni, Mebara, Mendouga, Marafa, Fonjidam and all the others accused of verious crimes deserve a Fair, equitable and expedite trial instead of this parody of third world barbarism. If found guilty, they should be condemned but if not and for the sake of Peace in our country, they should be liberated...IMMEDIATELY. It is even amazing how the Prime Minister of a country could be arrested and thrown in jail without the authorities expecting some form of eventual backlash from a certain segment of the population. This issue could have potential negative ramifications. Time will tell.


Very depressing story, this could be a political witch hunting to prey on those seen as possible treat. Where is the money? And why jail them indefinitely without a trail to recoup the alleged funds?

Rev.Taku-Ayuk Moses

I happened to have had time to inform this man in his office in Etoudi as SG that the nation is sold to Satan and that he should mahe it oossible for me to see Biya and inform him of the calamities that await his nation.
I prayed with him and I left. I told him that he is a christian leader but does not know God at all. That Biya has sold the nation to Satan and that no good will follow the nation at all.He seemed a calm gentleman. if his innocence is true then God will see him thru and his enemy Biya will become the hunted tomorrow.

dyna ngoy

"...He informed me that an investigation had been launched into the alleged embezzlement of funds allocated to the purchase of a presidential plane..." That was in 2008. Four years after, the investigation is still going on!! What a joke? Paul Biya is a very sick person. He should be taken to the mental health hospital (Is it centre Jamot?). After Marafa and Inoni, the next set of people to Kondengui will be Amadou Ali and Laurent Esso...Trust me on this!!


Brothers and Sisters, we need to open our eyes and see how our beloved country is being destroyed by a very few of Biya’s gang of criminals.
In Cameroon today, positions in the government connected to finance are mostly occupied by an Ewondo, Beti or someone from the Central province. Most private corporations in Cameroon today connected with the government are headed by an Ewondo, Beti or someone from the Central province.

Having just returned from Cameroon not too long ago, what I can say is this, Cameroonians are hard working people and our brothers, sisters and parents back home deserve better than Biya and his band of thieves.

The law currently in Cameroon depends how much money you have in your bank account, with the right price you can buy your way out of anything as long as you don’t mess with Biya and his inner cycle.

The larger issue here is, will the Anglophones, Bamilekes and Northerners seat back and do nothing?


This is a fascinating narrative, but I find the comments even more fascinating because it is a window into the mind of Cameroonians and a peek at why we're where we are today. We are not so much interested in the rule of law for everyone, but for those whom we care about - Mebara was bad so who cares if he is not treated according to the law?; we are not so much against torture but against torture metted out by the Biya regime - if Biya is tortured today, we will be happy; We are not so much against election fraud but election fraud that favors Biya - if the opposition was to come to power through fraud we would be just fine.... I can go on and on....

Cameroon will become a truly democratic state where the rule of law applies equally to everyone only when we will not embrace these principles in a subjective or selective manner. Justice for all - including the thieves - or justice for no one!

The Listener

Well, some say 'No smoke without fire', but I will say may the will of God be done and may we live to see the truth behind all these.
My sympathy to family and friends of the acused.

Jude Eze Okafor

Guilty or not - the dignity of these men must be respected. These are public officials who have served this country with honor, they need to be respected. What if the table turn around in their favor and they back in power tomorrow as president, prime ministers, ministers etc etc (very possible) - what will these disrespectful, abusive and evasive penitentiary and public security officials do - ? Remember former President and Ex-convict Obasanjo of Nigeria


Biya has been a weakling.The old man seems to be having some guts right now.Let us give him the praise!


This dude is guilty and should be kill for being part of the evil CPDM machine.


Guilty of being in the CPDM or guilty of stealing money destined for the Albatross? I believe these are two distinct "crimes", none of which merit "killing"..


He should be lynch just for being a member of the CPDM.


Every top ranking official in Cameroon is quilty of corruption. They accept or not it is clear. When you stay in the same top ranking position for years, you feel it is for your family and you manage it as such. If you do not steal, those you appointed as you like will help you do so.
May God pity their souls.

Cameroon waker

Dibussi, keep it up. This should serve as an eye opener to the youngsters who are shamelessly singing the Biya song just to grab their own share. All of them should rot in jail b/c they never suggested policy change, rather they treated Biya as a king.

Robert Mugabe

The system is always good when you are in power/position. It's not just bad, but an unfortunate system when you are relingished, relegated, or humiliated and demoralized. Biya will meet them there even if he has just seconds to die. I strongly advise all Cameroonians not to pay taxes! Yes. The billions said to have been embezzled came at a time when Cameroon was said [by the government] to be in poverty and masses were suffering, but one man spens billions to buy an object that can crash at any second.
Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, now Nigeria and then Cameroon.

jinx opio

you participated in a useless gov't. Any man worthy of the name of human being wouldn't work with that beast

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