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July 16, 2012


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Elda Mbong

If most of this information is already in the public domain I wonder why Cameroonian journalists still prefer to write about the catastrophic failure version. Are they being manipulated or are they just being their usual lazy self completely uninterested in any form of investigative journalism? Looking forward to Part II for definitive information about the state of this aircraft.

Very informative piece!


Captivating read. Can't wait for the pt 2!!!

Akono Zeh

One thing for sure all those who arrested for involvement in the Albatross affaire were arrested for misappropriation of state funds and their jailing has nothing to do putting President Paul Biya’s life in danger.

Arrey Emmanuel Enow

The albatross affair is a clear example of how the state of Cameroon functions. At time all is being blamed on the head of state but most at time his collaborators do the most wrong.
what about the money stolen?
What about the projects that a mayor will not execute in his municipality?
What about the projects that parliamentarians are given 8 million every year and they do nothing?
What about the subventions given for certain illness and people go the hospital without money and die for the same illness because they don't have money to buy?
What about the lies that politician tell to the populace? All these are crimes that are punishable but there exist no punishment. If the president punishes for the albatross i strongly believe he saw his life and that of his family at rick. And all those arrested are guilty they can only try to manipulate with information to distract the masses.
Do you really think they tested no 5 france cfa in the total amount? if you are a Cameroonian and have worked in the present regime you will understand what am saying.
If poor farmer have to give a secretary or a director 500 or 1000 just to sign a document which is his/her job then those who see million must have done the same.

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