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« Was the Albatross a "Flying Coffin" that Put President Biya’s Life in Danger? (Part 1) | Main | Memory Lane Video (March 13, 1962): President Ahidjo Visits the United States »

July 16, 2012


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At Boeing, we are very proud of our products and we have been doing just that since 1916..
The incident that occurred with the Cameroon’s presidential purchase is really unfortunate and worst still is the finger pointing that has landed so many in jail and disoriented families.
My honest suggestion would be to FREE all the accused and get back to basics that “those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stone.

Akuo Clement

Good job Tande. Every reasonable Cameroonian knew there was more to this story than what the government was reporting. A monumental loss to the people of Cameroon and the government. The failure of this kind of project can make anyone loose his job, including the president little wonder heads have been rolling since the story broke out. Now, this is what i believe happened. The plane was in perfect condition, meeting all standards and certifications. Reasons why it was brought to Cameroon. The president and his entourage flew to France without problems. French engineer were permitted to test the efficacy of the airline. Of course France wasn't pleased to see Cameroon buy an aircraft not passing through them. They now conspired,cooked up a story, identifying the plane was faulty. Biya fell to this suggestion and blackmail not knowing the resultant effect. The Cameroon government returned the aircraft and they were slammed with a lawsuit of millions of dollars, Biya was confused and helpless. He now had to camouflage, attributing the blame to those who broker the deal making them scapegoats and heads began rolling.


I have a successful blog is beautiful and I wish you continued success


I have a successful blog is beautiful and I wish you continued success


This is investigative journalism at its best. Your analysis brings light to a subject matter that has been clouded by lots of rumors and speculation. I really do enjoy reading your blog and hope you can explore more of the hot topics that have been rocking our nation on a regular basis.... Kudos, keep up the good work....

Mbolem Julius Mbong

I enjoyed reading this news and asking the writer to come up with more facts to save our country.Things are really falling apart.


so sad we havnt had a president since independence.Cant wait for that day if its in my life time.Cry for Cameroon.

Polycarpe Nguimbous

It is very interesting to see that there are many out there ready to challenge their meninges to give Cameroonians good quality information, the report is rich and it is clear there was an incident. Thus previous reports are not wrong. If the President had not been used to such events in the past it was normal for him to fear for his life and react that way, I think we’ll do the same if we were in his position. Remember he had his family in the plane as well as his close collaborators. It is not this incident that took people to jail, but money issues. Well we expect part three where money issues are dwelled on…

Carlos Awana

Polycarpe, if you read the reports from the judicial police and from the investigating judge, you will realize that this issue actually started when some high ranking officials began peddling the rumor of an attempted life on the president - a rumor which literally opened Pandora's box and culminated in the embezzlement charges.

BTW, the fact that someone is president doesn't give them the right to act irrationally. If you buy a car today and it acts up, you will take it back to the dealer to confirm that this is indeed a problem that warrants a new car. You will act diligently because it is your hard-earned money. Biya did not care because it was NOT his money. And that is a big shame for the head of state of any country. In the US, he would be in jail alongside his criminal friends.


I enjoyed reading this so much I prayed in vain that it will not come to end. Alas, like all good things, it did. What an informative piece for those interested in the truth. This certainly blows conspiracy theorists out of the waters. May I implore the author to please titillate our truth bones some more. Maybe he can look into the validity of obtaining a presidential aircraft when the populace cannot afford simple bread and butter. It beggars believe the obscene sums of money involved. An attempt to solicit how the president funded such extravagance - might prove a tasty piece of read. Thank you for opting for investigative journalism in this particular instance when others are relying on half truths.

Mahmoud von Njoya

According to Collins dictionary :

1 any large oceanic bird of the genera Diomedea and Phoebetria, family Diomedeidae, of cool southern oceans: order Procellariiformes (petrels). They have long narrow wings and are noted for a powerful gliding flight
See also → wandering albatross
2 a constant and inescapable burden or handicap
an albatross of debt
3 (Golf) a score of three strokes under par for a hole

It is unquestionably an albatross around Biya's neck. Could crash him.

Fombon EN

God safe my fatherland. Thank you Tande for this information. Continue to dig and give us the truth.

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