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May 08, 2013


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orange guy.

in characteristic ahidjo-biya regime fashion, he goes to the recycle bin, dusts off some dented old pieces and places them on the table. if the people think this is wack, he does not give a damn.
a geriatric president appoints even older senators in order to announce, see how spry i am? you could have had that guy, he says, pointing a seriously drooling mukete. you sixty somethings and fifty somethings. how many of you are screwing a woman younger than your daughter and making babies? i am. biya die soon so that there should be a crisis.

Pascal Mafo

The majority of this nominated senators are from CPPDM.So they cannot bring any change in the present state of Cameroon.

Sylvester Goddy BUWOH

This is the true picture of "Le Cameroun est unis et indivisible"


Cameroon’s Senate Goes Operational On May 14

Emmanuel KENDEMEH [Cameroon Tribune]

The appointment of 30 Senators completes the list of 100 for the Upper House of Parliament.

President Paul Biya on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 appointed the 30 substantive Senators and their alternates as provided for in Section 215 (3) of the Electoral Code which states that the President of the Republic shall in a decree publish within 10 days following the proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council, the list of the remaining 30 Senators.

The Supreme Court sitting in for the Constitutional Council officially proclaimed the results of the April 14 first ever election of Senators in Cameroon on Monday, April 29. The 70 elected and 30 appointed Senators will obviously start work on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, in compliance with Section 215 (2) of the Electoral Code which specifies that “The Senate shall meet as of right in ordinary session on the third Tuesday following the proclamation of the results of senatorial election by the Constitutional Council.” The Senators will receive their attributes empowering them to set the bases for effective work.

The 30 Senators and their 30 alternates the President of the Republic, Paul Biya appointed on May 8, come to increase the number of parties to participate in the country’s first ever Senate. During the April 14 election, the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM won 56 seats and leading opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF 14 seats. The list of the appointed Senators includes officials of other political parties.

For example, Ngayap Pierre Flambeau, substantive Senator from Littoral is the Secretary General of the National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP, Dakole Daissala one of the substantive Senators from the Far North is the National President of the Movement for the Defence of the Republic, MDR and Hamadou Abbo, substantive Senators from the North is supporter of the Cameroon National Salvation Front, FSNC. Youmo Koupit Adamou, an alternate Senator from the West is a supporter of the Cameroon Democratic Union, CDU.

The Head of State through the appointments, has also increase the number of female Senators, three of them substantive Senators and four alternates. For the substantive female Senators, there are Aboui Marlyse from the East, Hayatou Aicha Pierrette from the North and Bisseck Paulette from the South. The alternate female Senators are Bell Marie Mélanie from the Littoral, Regina Mundi Elisabeth from the North West and Ndo Angeline from the South and Mambe Agnes from the South West. The number of female substantive Senators increase to 21 as 18 of them were elected and substantive ones to 33 as 29 were elected.


Elvis Mafany Mbonde

To hell with Mr Paul BIYA and his list of old corrupt politicians who are destroying the nation of Cameroon, they shall soon reap their water-loo


there is realy going to be no change in cameroon as the president and his old corrupt polititians are going to put this country down and from what i see young poeple like us are not going to have a place in this country to hell with biya and his sinators

brenda jaibe

if it is not based on many years political experience, then young graduates from political institutes with fresh ideas to renovate the nation from schools like ENAM and IRIC should be appointed instead of the old people with old ideas.


The dancing shoe is what has undertaken a slight innovation but the dancing step is the same with in the ancien Bikutsi record.

Akua Nji

The list is not surprising and all those who figure on it deserve to be there.


no profit at all nor benefit to keep an illusion that the old dog will kill an elephant to be share to the whole nation. he is tired likewise his peers. room should be given to young players to try else when the old would be gone, the young would perish while the nation will die out.


To hell with Biya Paul


what madness!! is Cameroon ever going to move forward? Those people are supposed to go on retirement.They are tired and ofcourse their brains are tired.What change do we expect from old retired brains???

mbang ngbwa armand felicien

will my action acho across the senturies will trengers kwon my name long after i am gone then i wonder who i was


I just have one concern:-How does a senate fit in a setup such as is existing in Cameroon?

lucas  Netomba

l dream l heard you told the governor to give me the keys to that house if it is true then do it nicely not with problem ,Next the 50billion salary you paid to Nkoto Emana David , we shall share it in these proportion to solve the anglophone Crisis :-
-10 Billions go to President Paul Biya's Feeding and health per month.
-10Billions goes to the citizens in crisis and military equal ration 5 & 5.
last 10 Billions goes to governor sw =1billion
-senator 500 million
south west house of Chiefs =1billion salaries to local chiefs all.

l would as well work with the other 9 governor's in the country like structuring roads,agriculture and socio economic problems here also will share 100million each with them = 900million

In effect l will use 30billions for political balance and my rest would be 20Billions.

If you are serious please work with me fast let kill down this southern cameroon strikes like New Id cards starting a new country try to be serious atleast pleasethese are things that can led to wars.

NB: They are planing for a serious strike next week again tell governor and colonel to hand me this office which is they presidency so that l will keep order here please.

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