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March 16, 2014


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HOW THE BIYA REGIME KILLED LAPIRO (Excerpt from a May 2013 interview):

CAMEROUN| Extrait d'une interview au quotidien Mutations (31 mai 2013) :

Question: «Comment Lapiro de Mbanga s'occupe-t-il aux États-Unis d'Amérique?

Réponse: «Pour une fois dans ma vie, j'ai beaucoup plus du temps à m'occuper de mes enfants et je suis très heureux. En plus je m'occupe de ma santé car je suis sorti de prison pratiquement foutu. Il vous souvient que le médecin de la prison centrale de Douala, Amougou Elo Benjamin, avait reçu mission de me tuer méthodiquement, et m'avait empêché d'aller me faire soigner à l'hôpital Laquintinie. Ma maladie s'est empirée et je tiens à dire ici que si j'étais resté au Cameroun je suis sûr que mes obsèques auraient déjà eu lieu.»


Question: How does Lapiro keep busy in the United States?

Answer: For the first time in my life, I have ample time to take care of my kids, and I am very happy. Also, I take care of my health because I came out of prison completely messed up. Remember that the Medical Doctor of the Douala central prison, Amougou Elo Benjamin, was given the mission to kill me slowly, and he prevented me from going for treatment at the Laquintinie Hospital. My illness has worsened. I would like to state here that if I had remained in Cameroon, I am sure that my funeral would have already taken place.

Marie Abanga

So sad indeed. In 2009, I did a lot of probono work at the New bell prison both legal and social wise. l was privileged to be trusted enough to be let into the famous celule 18 for the VIPs who included Ndinga Man now of blessed memory. He in particular was keeping his cheer and the moral of the other VIPs and even their 'bodyguards' (other fortunate prisoners who got those jobs) cool. He took some liking to me and facilitated for me to interview some of the VIPs and to get a better insight into that world. l also knew one of his core lawyers and did some research work for the latter too.
May he truly rest in peace, yes erreur for nboutoukou na dame for ndos>


Goodbye my bro, you have the guarantee that all those dreaded masons who orchestrated your demise will see you soon. The good thing is you get to help the almighty judge point them out for their judgement to netted out. Till we all the oppressed meet again keep heaven smiling and dancing with rhythmic tunes. Enjoy your eternal peace and intervene for all the oppressed.

Miky mouse jean don frere

Ndinga Man Mola, we di miss you so much tara, make yu waka fine greet Pa Bob Marley, Peter Toush, Miriam Makeba, Tom Yoms, charlotte Mbango and the rest fo we don whey dem done waka. Make Etudi know say he Mbiya too no go sleep fine becaus say chakara he chakara sick di come whey i own complice them go finish he. Fever dey at hand fo he better all thing them mbole for this pays because Massa John for Ntarikon with all people for UN People organisation them go tell he say No Make Erreur because we to Savoir say Savoir yu know go use we again We di go too for we own place for secteur fo form we own Union Government or better say we complice tooo for UN go gi we waitti we don suffer for all years.
Bro. yur spirit no go die he di live for we memory Constitution for Cameroon na constiper time don ripe weh we too go say Ninja them too go follow we for waitti them do for waka with he and he complice them weh them di chop a chop and suveuter them di cry for get small gari whissa we di go for new generation make we siyam. Rest yu fine Grand tarra we too go mash fire for follow your talk.


We may also wish to remember that...to be lapiroed is a neologism invented by Prof Bole Butake in memoriam of Lapiro.

tarnteh  cater

i really wonder if Lapiros corpse was actually brought and burried in his home.pls . Ngimga man in our hearts forever. we misss u grand tarra


Thank you Dibussi.
I also wrote 2 articles about the death of Lapiro de Mbanga:



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